‘Tis the Season

Kristi & Richard will be dusting off our Holiday favorites at multiple locations during the Christmas season including Travinia in Lexington, Villa Tronco, Gervais & Vine and a few private parties. Our updated schedule can be found here.

Merry Christmas!

Who’s Crying Now

I’ve posted a backing track for Who’s Crying Now by Journey as well as the transcription. Students, use your password to access the Rock Guitar Transcriptions page.

All Hail Apple

Today’s entry documents my complete submersion into Apple culture. No doubt my father-in-law is yelling down from above, “I told you so!”

This blog was started on my iPad while on a break at a gig, finished on my iMac, and had a final review on my iPhone while at another gig. Here is how Apple has made my music life easier.

Practice Log App, tuner, metronome, calendar, email and contacts, mileage log, time tracker and of course recorded music always with me.

All of my sheet music is now on the iPad. I don’t carry music books to gigs anymore. Provides music at the break, calendar to check and schedule gigs, etc. I also use project management tools such as ToDo and Corkulous to make sure that I get things done. Then there is the Amazing Slow Downer for use while practicing.

Recording Studio, Transcriber Software, Finale, Photoshop, etc.

Apps and Programs
Here are some of the tools that I use.
PreSonus Studio One
Adobe Photoshop and Elements
The Amazing Slow Downer
Corkulous Pro