I teach lessons in person or remotely over the web. Rates are $40 (USD) / hour. I teach lessons for guitar and bass in many styles including Jazz, Classical, Rock, Blues and Fingerstyle. I play and teach 7-string guitar as well.
While you are taking lessons from me, you will have access to my Transcriptions Page and my Recordings Page. Transcriptions are all presented in PDF format and most include TAB. Recordings are usually in mp3 format and in some cases MIDI in order to aid the student in practicing lessons.

Remote lessons require a fast internet connection and SKYPE which is free. Currently I can provide real-time audio feeds, but if needed I can get a video feed working.

In addition I offer transcription and music engraving services.

Payment can be made in cash, check or PayPal 

Lesson Assignment Sheet
Blank Music with Guitar TAB
Blank Bass Staff
Blank Music with 7-string Guitar TAB
Bass Clef with Bass TAB
Blank Treble Clef
Diatonic Harmony Worksheet
Guitar Chord Grids